Acorn Veterinary Centre now offers physiotherapy sessions with our Registered Veterinary Nurse Sarah, qualified in Animal Physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy sessions can last up to 1 hour and Sarah will include the following:

  • Gait analysis
  • Check range of motion
  • Massage
  • Stretches
  • Phototherapy laser machine
  • Exercises and routines to do at home


Physiotherapy has been proven effective if your pet comes under one of the following categories:
  • Othorpaedic or neurological operations/conditions
  • Geriatric patients
  • Stiffness or lameness
  • Sporting or working animals
  • Referred by your Veterinary Surgeon


An initial consulation with Sarah will cost £39.60, with follow up appointments costing £30.00



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  • July's Pet of the Month

    July's Pet of the Month award goes to Niko.

    Niko has just turned 1 year old and he was rescued by his owners when they were on holiday in Greece when he was just a few weeks old.

    Unfortunately for Niko, his first year was rocky to say the least.  Mr and Mrs Wright first brought Niko to the practice back in October last year for a check up after his journey into the country.  Niko was showing symptoms of kennel cough which needed to be treated and required vaccinating but otherwise was well.

    The following month, Niko started having seizures.  These started to become more frequent and resulted in Niko being taken to our emergency out of hours clinic, Vets Now, for treatment.  The following day, he came into our hospital for continued monitoring and support.  The seizures caused temporary hearing and sight loss, which was quite frightening for Niko but with gentle care and support in the hospital and at home, Niko's senses recovered.

    A few months later he started to have diarrhoea which despite regular routine treatments became persistent.  Other symptoms then started to occur including lameness and skin problems.  The vets suspected there was a likely link to all of these conditions and so Niko was booked in for a diagnostic work up which included blood samples, xrays and skin biopsies, all of which were sent to our external laboratory for testing.  

    Results showed Niko was suffering from Leishamiasis.  Leishamiasis is a parasite infection caused by the sand fly that is found in the blood and can cause a range of symptoms.  Although not endemic in this country, it is very common in Greece.

    Niko has started treatment for the condition and is showing very good improvement.  The condition will need to be treated for at least 6 months and will always be a threat throughout his life.

    Niko will need to be reguarly monitored throughout his life but is looking good and behaving like a happy and healthy dog.  Niko has been a pleasure to care for.


  • Fireworks


    How can I prepare my home for fireworks season?Firework
    You can help your dog or cat by creating a den.  If your pet already has a hiding place then this space can be used making it as snug and secure as possible by adding blankets or bedding. If you are making the den from scratch, its best to do this a few weeks before so that your pet knows it is a safe place for when fireworks start.

    Top tips for firework night!

    • Provide a den for your pet
    • Keep your dog indoors during fireworks and ensure their microchip details are up to date
    • Ensure windows, doors remain closed during firework season to both prevent pets escaping and reduce the noise
    • Provide distractions e.g. new toys and treats. Draw curtains and put the TV or radio on to hide any noise
    • DO NOT punish your pet! This will only make your pet more distressed
    • Try not to leave your pets alone when fireworks are going off
    • Contact the surgery for sprays and diffusers to help relieve anxiety for your pets
  • Slimmer of the Month
    Slimmer of the Month

    This is George, he is a Golden Retriever who has been on a weight loss mission!

    Last August, George weight 54.6kg and was severely overweight, putting him at a greater risk of many health problems.

    With the help and support from Shelley, our Weight Watcher's Nurse and George's amazing and dedicated owners, George now weighs a healthy 44.4kg and officially has an ideal body condition score!

    We are SO PROUD of George and his owners and would like to share his fantastic success!