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Welcome to Acorn Veterinary Centre

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Your pet is important to you and at Acorn Veterinary Centre we aim to give the best treatment possible to keep your pet happy and healthy. To make sure our surgery is above a basic standard we have achieved a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons approved tier 2 level. Our strong team of veterinary  and

administration staff are all available to care for you and your pet in the best way they can.



Our wide range of up to date and specialist equipment provides a top quality service to you and your pet.

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    June's Pet of the Month

    June's Pet of the Month award goes to Leo a 1 year old Great Dane owned by Mr and Mrs Larden.

    Back in April, Leo underwent multiple surgery including castration, removing a lump from his tail, surgery to his lower right eye lid to correct the entropian (which is a rotation of the eyelid in towards the eye) and suturing of is right ear tip that had been damaged.

    Leo recovered very well from the long anaesthetic and surgery and came back to see us two days later for his post operation check.  His castration wound and eye were healing beautifully.  Unfortunately, however his ear and tail needed further support.

    Dressings were applied to these areas to encourage healing.  After a few days the wound on Leo's tail was starting to look better but his ear was still not healing well because of head shaking and the difficulty of applying dressings.  Unfortunately because of this, Leo had to have further surgery on his ear which has helped and is now healing much better.  A head dressing was required to protect his ear as they are so big!  A full head dressing was not possible because of the hot weather.

    We are pleased to say the other areas have healed very well and require no further treatment.

    Leo continues to wear a head dressing in the form of a net that his owners have made that is breathable but still protects his ear as it finishes its healing process.

    Leo has been so brave and well behaved throughout all of his surgery and follow on treatments and continues to be when he comes to the practice to have regular checks on his ear.

    Leo is such a character in the practice and at home as his owners were telling us how he enjoys a piece of toast in the morning and the odd Yorkshire pudding from time to time!

    Well done Leo!

  • Is your dog vaccinated?
    Is your dog vaccinated?

    Is your dog vaccinated for the holidays?

    What is my dog vaccinated against?puppy

    • Parvovirus
    • Parainfluenza
    • Distemper
    • Adenovirus
    • Leptospirosis

    As long as the vaccinations are repeated within a few weeks of the due date then most dogs will be able to continue with their annual vaccinations. If your vet feels that too much time has elapsed, the vet may consider ‘restarting’ the vaccination course.

    A kennel cough vaccine is not included as part of the vaccine, please speak to reception to find out if your dog has been vaccinated against kennel cough.

    Why do I need to vaccinate my dog?
    These diseases are fairly uncommon these days but this is due to the widespread vaccination regime in operation. In areas of unvaccinated animals, these diseases are very common and often fatal.

  • Slimmer of the Month
    Slimmer of the Month

    George is a Golden Retriever who started off at 54.6kg.  

    Starting on a weight loss diet, George is doing fantastically well and has lost 5.8kg in 6 months!  Which is 12.8 lbs.

    George continues to lose weight and is getting closer to his target weight.

    We are so proud of George and his owners for the superb progress.  Keep up the good work George!